Fall 1 (Akt 1) Page 16

posted Sunday, the 1st of May at 7:58 PM, 2011

Fall 1 (Akt 1) Page 16
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Sunday, the 1st of May at 7:58 PM, 2011


I decided to upload another page today, so I may not upload two next week (it's going to be a double page, so, hey, I guess that still counts as two pages a week :P)

BTW: do the black things in the bg of the first panel look like trees? Bbecouse that's how I wanted to draw the trees when I revise the previos pages (too much screentones arrrgh!) and it was pretty easy to draw them this way so I'd like to hear some opinions on them^^

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Monday, the 2nd of May at 7:53 AM, 2011


The trees are okay, but the perspective on the rifle is off in both panels. Especially the head-on shot. Might want to google some photos with something similar happening. That kind of perspective is tough to pull off. :)

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Friday, the 6th of May at 4:39 PM, 2011


Such cool textures...

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Saturday, the 14th of May at 9:39 PM, 2011


Ilike your work of art!

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