Fall 2 (Akt 1) Page 9

posted Sunday, the 13th of November at 5:30 PM, 2011

Fall 2 (Akt 1) Page 9
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Sunday, the 13th of November at 5:30 PM, 2011


I am sorry that this page took so long to upload. I had to take some serious break the past few weeks...

Also, here is a little anniversary-something, wich I also worked on in those past weeks.
Over here in the Nachtmährchen section XD

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Tuesday, the 15th of November at 3:26 PM, 2011


I don't think she understands sibling rivalry.

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Monday, the 21st of November at 7:41 PM, 2011


Lol Hati tells it like it is.

I can understand why they want to help her with the kindness of their heart, but Hati obviously wants some money or treasure out of this haha.

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