Fall 2 (Akt 1) Page 17

posted Sunday, the 3rd of June at 3:04 PM, 2012

Fall 2 (Akt 1) Page 17
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Sunday, the 3rd of June at 3:04 PM, 2012


Oh my gawd.

Well at least I'm done with my exams (for now).
That also means that I might stop having to go to school sooner than I normaly would.
Next Semester, I will probably go to a Language School, I don't know how much freetime that will leave me with, but I'll try my best! I might have to get a parttime job though, school's like that are expensive.

Also, I will now try to actually post updates and sketches and stuff like that on my Tumblr.
(I've made Tumblr blogs for both Nachtmährchen and Child's Eyes, but I probably won't be using them for now.)

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Friday, the 8th of June at 12:52 AM, 2012


Uh oh.

Hati seems pissssed. ouo

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