Fall 2 (Akt 2) Page 6

posted Friday, the 28th of February at 5:25 PM, 2014

Fall 2 (Akt 2) Page 6
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Friday, the 28th of February at 5:25 PM, 2014


Dat perspective.
Sweet Jesus.

Anyway, I want to shamelessly plug my sister's comic here a little XD
Her name on CF is Ruki Chitsuki (She is listed as an auther of Nachtmährchen, but she's mostly here for some of the character designs and helping with some things).
She has finally started uploading her own webcomic on CF, it's called Puppenhaus (the title is in german but the comic is in english)
It's a fantasy comic with BL romance. If that's your thing, go check it out :3

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Wednesday, the 21st of May at 1:32 PM, 2014


Whoa, that last panel rules!

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